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Meet Eddy Leal

Successful Business Owner and Family Man

My name is Eddy Leal. I'm a father, husband and small business owner. I'm not a politician by trade.

I am running for election this November because the residents of our district cannot afford to maintain the status quo in City Hall. Like you, I am tired of the scandals, broken promises and corruption plaguing our city. I have experience working in the City of Miami, and I know how to make city government work for all our residents and not just a select few. This campaign won't be easy. I will be fighting an incumbent and all the special interests that fight to maintain those at the highest level of government in power.

Our district deserves a leader who will take action. I will do everything in my power to clean house and bring us back to a government by the people for the people. I hope I can count on you to help me clean up the corruption, stand up to special interests and restore our community.

Eddy Leal is a true success story. He pursued the American Dream and obtained it by graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Law Degree from Duke University. From an early age, Eddy worked hard, built a stellar reputation, and opened his own law firm, where he continues to serve as a trial and appellate counselor. Eddy has also used his skills to provide pro-bono legal services for low-income residents.

Eddy currently serves as the President of the Bayshore Place Condo Association. He and his wife, Laura, have lived in Miami for over ten years and have two children.

Eddy Leal

Stand with Eddy for a Better Miami

Eddy has a plan for a better Miami and wants you to share its benefits. Can you help Eddy spread the message with a donation to his campaign? Your donation, regardless of size, will spread the word and bring experience to Miami's City Commission.

Eddy Leal’s Priorities

A better Miami is possible with the right leadership! Working together, we can always accomplish so much more than alone. Vote for me, and I will work with YOU! Stand with Eddy for a Better Miami!

For a Better Miami

  • I will fight against the unethical and corrupt culture in City Hall.
  • I will focus on finding solutions to the affordable housing crisis.
  • I will stand up to overdevelopment.
  • I will protect our green spaces.
  • I will work to improve our communities coastal resiliency.


Fight Corruption and End Scandals:

Our city cannot afford another black eye. The corruption that plagues our city HAS TO STOP. As your next city commissioner, I will bring transparency and accountability to city hall. I will lead by example and place the resident’s above special interest.

Affordable Housing:

Our community is facing a housing crisis and our current leadership has failed to deliver a plan on how to solve it. As your commissioner, I will offer real solutions that will immediately begin to help our residents secure housing and live with dignity.


For far too long developers have been in control at city hall. They have changed the fabric of our community without regard for the residents and our values. As the next District 2 commissioner, I will place safeguards against projects that are not in line with our needs and drastically alter quality of life of our residents.

Green Spaces:

The giving away of our green spaces continues at city hall. When I am elected, I will put an end to this practice that only benefits the developers at the expense of the residents. Green spaces are vital for our residents and should not be a benefit for only a privileged few.


Our environment is the lifeblood of our community. When elected, I will work with other local stake holders to ensure that our community is prepared, and resources are made available to achieve our resiliency goals. We all need to work together to keep our environment pristine and our neighborhoods clean.


Eddy Leal Recommended by One Grove

Eddy Leal is proud to have been endorsed by One Grove, a collective of community involved civic leaders and activists working to educate the residents about the candidates for the prior special election for District 2 city commissioner that was held on February 27.

Here is One Grove’s statement about Eddy:

"One Grove—a collective of community involved civic leaders and activists—is working to educate the residents about the candidates for the upcoming special election for District 2 city commissioner on February 27. One Grove previously organized the community response to Miami’s redistricting.

Unlike other elections, this special election period spans only a few weeks, making the need to gain and disseminate information about the 13 candidates urgent. Last week the One Grove collective held a candidate forum at the Women’s Club of Coconut Grove attended by 200 Grove residents (in person and via Zoom) and later viewed by more than 600 others through YouTube. The event enabled all the candidates to introduce themselves and answer questions on issues of importance to the community. It is both refreshing and heartening that 13 concerned individuals – our friends and neighbors – chose to undertake the arduous task of campaigning and offer their time, talent and effort to be of public service to our community.

D2 Candidate Recommendations—Coconut Grove Spotlight, Feb. 2, 2023 The One Grove collective’s 35 members include residents of Miami’s Districts D3, D4 and mainly throughout D2 (Morningside, Downtown, Brickell and Coconut Grove). They spent more than 375 man-hours researching the candidates’ backgrounds, positions and records through primary and secondary independent sources and in-depth interviews. The research priorities included:

• Competence – knowledge of Miami city government, its obstacles and the ability to navigate and leverage social, political and economic resources.
• Vision – Specific plans to resolve District 2 problems, not generalized platitudes.
• Communication – Ability to speak clearly, concisely, and inspire trust and consensus.
• Commitment – A winning strategic plan to win the election without big-money funding.
• Service – A proven history of community service.

The work included multiple straw polls with independent focus groups. Those groups of neighbors repeatedly and nearly unanimously concluded that only one candidate was best able to meet the community’s goals. Independent groups from elsewhere in Miami later shared and validated the conclusions of the One Grove team. Interviews with City and County staff professionals provided an additional source of independent insight and verification.

Consequently, One Grove concluded to recommend to our neighbors and friends a single candidate for District 2 commissioner, Eddy Leal.

Recommendation for Eddy Leal

The City of Miami faces challenges that exceed the personality conflicts on the commission dais. They are sophisticated, complex problems requiring structural solutions and the ability to navigate the city administration effectively. From among the candidates, Eddy Leal is uniquely capable.

Eddy Leal brings intellectual depth and substance. A bachelor’s degree in Economics (magna cum laude) and a Law Degree from Duke University validate that he has the mental tools and stamina to address complexity and organize creative solutions.

Recruited in 2019 to a new position in Miami’s government, Leal provided Miami’s mayor with legal advice and constituent services independent from the City attorney’s office. His role drafting and coordinating legislation and its implementation rapidly gave him practical knowledge and experience working with, but independent of, the city administration and commissioners. Interviews with City and County staff alumni characterize him as "smart, honest and independent".

Leal demonstrated substance and diplomacy defending Coconut Grove neighborhoods in some key political and development battles. In opposition to the Carrollton-Villa Woodbine campus proposal, Leal created and shepherded the city code amendment which allowed neighbors to defend their neighborhood, reversing previous policy.

D2 Candidate Endorsements—Coconut Grove Spotlight, Feb. 2, 2023

For the Coconut Grove Playhouse, from crafting the legal paperwork for the mayoral veto to the many appearances in the courts over the last year, Leal has been responsible for defending the preservation of the Playhouse. Leal has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to listen to and learn from the experience of others, and the skill to implement solutions by placing them in the context of actionable solutions. He knows how to get things done within the City of Miami’s often opaque administration and is willing to fight for the community. And he can hit the ground running.

His top three priorities match those of District 2 residents:

• Enforce ethics in government through structural transparency and accountability changes.
• Strengthen and protect neighborhoods by supporting and growing neighborhood organizations.
• A robust investment in historic sites."

Countdown to the Election

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